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Background Screening Services

HexaTech Global is formulated with the aim to establish a sophisticated verification procedure that would help corporates and individuals with credential checks. With a team of erudite experts, HexaTech Global has developed proprietary tools enabling time and cost effective procedures for background verification.

Employment Verification Services

Verify the relevant information of the candidate's previous employments thoroughly for any variations with regards to their claims. A thorough verification of the candidate's past employments ...more

Academic Verification Services

At HEXATECH GLOBAL, we work closely with candidates and institutions to ensure all the necessary verification processes are carried out to complete satisfaction. They may or may not involve the direct...more

Character & reference verification

Hirers at HexaTech Global look at every applicant as a well-rounded personality – inquiring about his/ her on and off job competencies, connections, associations, interests etc. Our teams take d...more

Address Verification

Confirmation of the residential address - current, previous or permanent - through physical site visit and geo-coordinates validation. Residential Address Verification is done through a physical si...more

Criminal Record Verification

Our recommendation: Criminal verification should be done at least at the police station levels for the temporary and permanent addresses of the employee. Additional locations for previous address...more

Database Search

HexaTech Global is global database checks on criminal records of our clients' employees. We have a well developed technology to run checks on clients globally. We look beyond the local database to...more

Drug Test

Drug test is a method of checking a person’s biological samples like blood, urine, hair, sweat, breathe etc. for traces of drugs / alcohol. The drug test for the purpose of employment verificati...more

Identity Check

HexaTech Global offers all such verification services to its clients at affordable rates. Key Checks under identity verification involves Aadhar Verification, PAN Validation, Driving License Check and...more

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